Tile Cleaning Services

Many customers mistakenly believe the only way to improve the appearance of their decorative tile is to use tile soaps, acid, or a combination of over the counter cleaners to remove the buildup that occurs over time from calcium deposits, scum, oils, and other minerals. We get calls all the time from customers who spend hours or even days cleaning there tile with no real results. Clients think there only two alternatives left; live with the results or completely re-tile the pool. Although re-tiling will make the swimming pool look new again, it is can be very expensive if you have glass tile and can require a few weeks of down time while the tile is replaced. Plus if your like your tile and don't want something new why should you force yourself to change the appearance of your pool.

Well the good news is that we offer an alternative cleaning solution that is safe for most tiles, including glass tile, that will make your tile look new again with much less down time. So, before you consider re-tiling your pool just because you can not clean it contact us to see if we can help.

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