Pool Ozone System

Ozone is a very powerful oxidizer used in a variety of applications and has the ability to kill bacteria thousands of times faster then chlorine. Restaurants, water treatment plants, water parks, bottle water plants, and municipal water supplies use Ozone to reduce or eliminate bacteria, molds, cysts, mildew, and viruses on a daily basis from there water supply.  Over the past two decades Ozone has become more popular in the residential pool market as an alternative to chlorine and other chemicals. The question is does Ozone actually work better then chlorine as an effective method of providing a safe environment for pools or is all the Ozone talk just hype. The reality is Ozone is much better when installed correctly.

Ozone is highly effective at reducing or eliminating chlorine in swimming pools when propertly sized and used as part of a comprehensive system to eliminate harsh chemcials in the water. Corona Discharge units are the preferred choice in producing Ozone becuase they can produce significantly more Ozone then UV light Ozonators.  Corona discharge is commonly referred to as "lighting in a bottle" becuase the process is similiar to that of lightning striking during a thunderstorm creating atmospheric Ozone. The benefits of the ozone created are reductions in harmful byproducts and chloramines in the water and quicker kill times for all known viruses that may be present in the water. The Ozone will also assist in oxidizing metals in the water such as iron, manganese, and hydrocarbons. Ozone provides all of this power and the only byproduct is oxygen unlike chlorine which increase the amount of dissolved solids in the water. The reduction in dissolved solids means the water will be cleaner and clearer from the reduction of particles in the water and less chance of mineral deposit buildup in the pool.

An Ozone generator should not be the only component for sanitizing your pool if your unit is not sized correclty. In cases where undersized Ozone units are installed we recomend the use of Ozone generators along with UV lights or mineral systems (For Algae Control), and a back up chlorinator, salt water chlorinator, or bromine feeder to maintain a very small .5ppm level of chlorine ,similiar to drinking water, for back up protection in the event heavy bather load or unexpected weather conditions.

If you are interested in using an Ozone system please use the contact us link for further information.