Swimming Pool Drain Entrapment Accidents

Swimming pools are a great place to bring children, families, and loved ones together for a great time. Unfortunately, swimming pools can be a place of great danger as well. One of the most published accidents is when a child gets trapped on a swimming pool drain cover resulting in death.

Two items that can help save a person’s life in these cases would be installing the newest SVRS approved drain covers on your suction lines and the installation of a safety vacuum release system into the plumbing system of your swimming pool.

SVRS is the acronym that stands for safety vacuum release system. SVRS systems work by sensing a sudden increase in the vacuum of a pump, which is the suction side of the plumbing, and opening a valve which allows air to enter the plumbing system causing the pump to loose its suction. There are kits made that can be installed or retrofitted into your swimming pool plumbing system to create a vacuum release system on your drain and there are also pumps that have SVRS features built into their programming which instantly shut down if a sudden increase in vacuum is detected.

If you install a SVRS drain cover and SVRS equipped swimming pool pump you will greatly reduce the potential for death from entrapment. One of our favorite products is the Intelliflo SVRS pump. We like this pump because it provides a safety for entrapment and meets most, if not all, of the newest energy efficiency laws being implemented from California to Florida.

Even if you choose not to install these measures, please take the time to inspect your drain covers. If they are loose or missing, notify your pool service or take the time to attach the drain covers back where they belong. It’s your pool and families safety at risk.

Please read the following article on one of the most influential fatalities and the effect it has had on the swimming pool industry in creating the law referred to as the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.