Florida Swimming Pool Energy Efficiency Code Requirements

Many states and municipalities across the United States are creating new regulations and laws that require increased energy efficiency on swimming pool pumps and related equipment. Swimming Pool pumps are one of the largest users of electricity on a home so this makes perfect sense from an energy policy perspective.

In the State of Florida, House Bill 849 was written in 2008 to address the need to lower energy usage associated with swimming pool industry products. Florida House Bill 849 was originally set to take effect July 1, 2011, but has since been moved to December 31, 2011 to coincide with the implementation of the Florida Building Code for 2010. The most important elements that will affect residents in the state of Florida are listed below.

  1. If the swimming pool filtration pump is one horsepower or larger it must have the ability to operate at a minimum of 2 speeds or greater
  2. The pumps control system must be capable of controlling the pump at a minimum of 2 speeds or greater
  3. The swimming pool filtration systems default flow must not turn over the pool water any faster then 6 hours
  4. Any swimming pool pump controller must default from high speed back to default low speed during a 24 hour cycle


The net effect of these requirements is residential swimming pools that have filtration pumps larger then one horsepower will have to replace their pump with a 2 speed pump or variable speed pump with the necessary controllers to adjust their speeds when their current pump breaks.

Their will be a few more details such as flow rates, water velocities, filter surface areas, and so on that will be required and this will make pump selection difficult. However, all this can be solved by using a variable speed pump as the primary choice for replacement. Variable speed pumps have the ability to be adjusted on site to meet all of the requirements needed to be in compliance with the new codes. Although their cost may be a bit more then a 2 speed pump their reliability, performance, and efficiency can not be matched.

Our company has been recommending variable speed pumps over the last 5-7 years, well before the energy code changes, and saved our clients thousands of dollars versus single speed and two speed pumps.