Use an Energy Efficient Eco-Friendly Intelliflo Pool Pump

When its time to consider replacing your existing pool pump you should you use a Eco-friendly Intelliflo pump.  There are a few key principles that make the Intelliflo pump the best choice when its time for a replacing your swimming pool pump.  Permanent magnet motor, variable frequency drive controls, and a TEFC designed motor housing are just three of the significant advantages they posses vs conventional open drip induction motors used on a majority of swimming pools.

Intelliflo pumps take full advantage of there superior technology and deliver considerable savings to customers at the same time. Just how does this pump deliver its superior performance? The permanent magnet designed motor is 30% more efficient vs conventional induction motors run at the same speed right out of the box. Once installed the Intelliflo pump takes further advantage of its variable speed permanent magnet motor and variable frequency drive unit to control the pump speed for maximum efficiency taking advantage of the pump affinity law.  The magic lies in the drive unit control which converts standard 220V electric into 3 phase power and creates a smooth efficient power supply for the motor to operate while allowing the speed to be adjusted for the most efficient operation. None of this would be possible without a solid motor and the Intelliflo has and industry leading design. The Intelliflo motor is a TEFC motor, which stands for Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled,  and this design allows for increased longevity of the motor since it's not open to the elements.  For cooling, unlike conventional open vent designed motors, a fan attached to the pump shaft at the rear of the unit delivers a precise amount of air flow over the motor based on its speed.  

Intelliflo pumps make it simple to replace your existing pool pump without the need to perform pump sizing calculations. All you have to do is install the pump into your plumbing system and adjust the speed of the pump to your desired level and your done. We recommend that you install a flow meter in your piping system to allow adjusting the flow to exactly what is required. In this way you ensure you are using the lowest amount of energy to get the water circulated and the least stress on your filter, heater, or other pool equipment.

When you combine the significant advantages that an Intelliflo pump has over a conventional pump there is no comparison. You gain greater control, ease of sizing, significant energy savings, and very quiet operation.

In the end, you are paying for the Intelliflo pump each month on your electric bill while you continue to use your existing conventional pump. Why not buy one today and take advantage of instant savings on your monthly electric bill. It may be one of the best returns on your pool investment you make.