Benefits of a Salt Water Chlorination System for Swimming Pools

Many people today are concerned with the side effects of pool chemicals on their families, friends, and themselves. Out of this concern many of the major pool supply manufacturers are brining alternative sanitation systems to the market to address some of these concerns.

One of the more popular options are salt water chlorinators. Salt chlorinators work by adding table salt to your water in concentrations between 3,000 to 5,000 part per million. The pool water is then passed through a chlorinator cell plumbed into the recirculation system of the pool. The salt in the water is used to create a pure chlorine gas that is added to the water for instant sanitation. This process occurs due to a small electrical charge between opposing plates inside of the chlorinator.  When this charge is added to the water the salt is split into its two components, which are sodium and chlorine. This is a very efficient method of creating the chlorine because the salt is used over and over again to produce more chlorine.

The advantage of this system is the chlorine produced inside the cell is pure chlorine allowing you to eliminate much of the fillers in over the counter chlorine tabs and liquid that can irritate bathers skin and eyes.  

Chlorine generators are available from most of the major pool supply manufacturers and vary in cost based on size required and brand.  The most important thing to remember is that they all produce chlorine the same way.