Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Heat Pump

In order to heat your swimming pool in an eco- friendly energy efficient manner, it is important to size your heat pump correctly.  How do you know how to do this?  Their are a couple of key pieces of information that you need to know about your pool.  How large is the surface area, how cold is the average air temperature in your area, and what is the desired temperature you want your pool to be.  Once you gather this information you can estimate the size of the heat pump that meets your needs using the following formula.

Pool Area x Temperature Rise x 12

This can be time consuming so we have included a chart that will help you estimate the correct size.  This chart assumes the outside air temperature is 60 degrees, a wind of 3.5 mph, and a temperature rise of 1.25 degrees per hour.

Size of Pool In Feet

Surface Area in Square Feet

75 Degree Desired Water Temp

80 Degree Desired Water Temp

85 Degree Desired Water Temp

12’ x 24’


54,000 btu/hr

72,000 btu/hr

90,000 btu/hr

15’ X 30’


81,000 btu/hr

108,000 btu/hr

135,000 btu/hr

18’ X 36’


116,640 btu/hr

155,520 btu/hr

194,400 btu/hr

20’ X 40’


144,000 btu/hr

192,000 btu/hr

240,000 btu/hr

25’ X 45’


202,500 btu/hr

270,000 btu/hr

337,500 btu/hr

30’ X 50’


270,000 btu/hr

360,000 btu/hr

450,000 btu/hr

Once you select the number of btu/hr from the chart above it is important to choose a heat pump that most closely matches the size required.  It is also important that you choose an AHRI 1160 certified heat pump such as Pentair's Ultra-temp, Gulfstream's HE series, Jandy's EE Series, Raypak, or other reputable brands that passed AHRI certification and use environmentally friendly refrigerants.  Only then can you be assured of performance stated on the labels provided by the manufacturer.