How to Choose the Right Size Swimming Pool Pump

What should the Flow Rate of my swimming pool pump be?

Pump sizing is an important consideration when designing an energy efficient, safe operating swimming pool. Please review the chart below and locate what size swimming pool most closely resembles your pool, then look at your desired turnover rate and find the gallons per minute needed from your pump.

Size of Pool Using 4.5’ Average Depth Gallon of Water in Pool GPM For 6 Hour Turn Over Rate GPM For 8 Hour Turn Over Rate GPM For 10 Hour Turn Over Rate
12’ x 24’ 9,700 27 20 16
15’ X 30’ 15,200 42 32 25
18’ X 36’ 24,300 68 51 41
20’ X 40’ 27,000 75 56 45
25’ X 45’ 37,968 105 79 63
30’ X 50’ 50,625 141 105 84

Now that you know the gallons per minute needed for your your desired turnover rate you need to check the existing pipe size for velocity restrictions and the total dynamic head of your plumbing system in order to make the best decision on which pump best fits your needs. If you have any doubt in selecting a pump, you can alway use a Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump that can be adjusted to a maximum rated flow of 160 GPM.