Spillway Refinishing Services

Many swimming pools in South Florida have spas and water features that have marble or granite spillways that add to their appearance. Over time wear and tear will have an effect on their appearance and degrade the functionality originally intended.

The degradation happens for a variety reasons which include water chemistry, water velocities, general wear and tear, calcium buildup, and more. Water velocities and chemical wear are two of the largest reasons. The marble begins to pit from the chemicals creating ridges and valleys and this creates restriction to water flow over the marble creating a dragging effect.

The three ways to eliminate this is to remove and install a new piece of marble or granite, install a larger pump, or refinish the existing spillway. Refinishing the spillway is a cost effective method to improve the appearance and functionality to that “like new” without breaking the bank. So before your decide to replace your spillway, contact us to see what we can do for you.

Example Photos