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Commercial Pool Intellipro Pump Installation

Intellipro Pump Installation

The objective of this project was to bring the commercial pool under compliance with local code require-ments. Currently the pool has a flow rate that exceeds allowable rates and will be shut down unless the flow rates can be brought into compliance.

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Easytouch Complete System Upgrade


This particular project originally had an older inefficient heat pump with a small pump and filter that was not able to  adequately heat the  pool and spa.  The automation system was dated and required an upgrade to bring further efficiency, control, and ease of operation to the client.  The plumbing system was not plumbed effectively to allow the greatest flow potential and was increasing the Total Dynamic Head of the system.

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Suntouch Control System With Intelliflo Pump


The objective of this project was to increase overall efficiency of the hydraulics and simplify use of the pool equipment.

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