Easytouch Complete System Upgrade



This particular project originally had an older inefficient heat pump with a small pump and filter that was not able to  adequately heat the  pool and spa.  The automation system was dated and required an upgrade to bring further efficiency, control, and ease of operation to the client.  The plumbing system was not plumbed effectively to allow the greatest flow potential and was increasing the Total Dynamic Head of the system.


      1. Decrease heating time for pool and spa
      2. Improve hydraulics of plumbing system
      3. Increase clarity and sanitary conditions of pool and spa
      4. Allow greater control of pool and spa control systems
      5. Organize Equipment pad in clean and accessible manner for service


          The solutions we used to remedy the issues on this project were to first remove existing pumps and re-plumb the manifolds with less fittings and straighter pipe runs through larger 2” plumbing lines and the correct valve sizes of 2”-2.5” inches for less restriction in the pipe.  We then chose to use a combination of two pumps for hydraulic operation.  The first pump was a single speed Pentair Whisperflo Pump for the water feature and the second pump for the filtration system was a Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pump.  We then proceeded to replace the 100 square foot filter cartridge with a 320 square foot filter that allowed us to properly increase water-flow in a less restrictive manner than the existing filter.  We then installed a Pentair Mastertemp 400,000 BTU Propane heater for quicker heating and its compact size to fit on the equipment pad.  In order to tie all of this together we installed Pentairs Easytouch Wireless Control system with the salt chlorination system to bring the entire system together for proper operation.


              1. Lowered operating noise
              2. Increased accessibility of Equipment on Pad
              3. Decreased heating time for pool and spa
              4. Reduced Total Dynamic Head of Plumbing system
              5. Increased ease of use of the entire system
              6. Increased sanitation conditions on the system

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