Suntouch Control System With Intelliflo Pump



The objective of this project was to increase overall efficiency of the hydraulics and simplify use of the pool equipment.


    1. Eliminate One Pump From system
    2. Make pool and spa operation more functional with less user input required
    3. Reduce Total Dynamic Head in the operation of the pump system
    4. Allow adjustability of the entire pool hydraulic system


      We have removed both pumps from the existing system and replaced them with a single Intelliflo variable speed pump for both pool and spa operation.  We removed the existing time clock and air switch and replaced it with a Suntouch Pool & Spa automation system and remote.


        1. Lowered operating noise
        2. Decreased Electrical consumption
        3. Client no longer has to visit equipment pad to adjust valves when changing modes
        4. Allowed client the ability to adjust speed and pressure of spa jets
        5. Heater does not require client to change thermostat setting manually when changing   from pool to spa mode

          Project Photos


          Photo 1: Before


          Photo 2: After 1


          Photo 3: After 2