Residential Pool Intelliflo Pump Installation


The objective of this project was to reduce the noise on the patio area next to the pumps and add protection to prevent pumps from burning out from a loss of prime if vacuums lines get clogged with debris.


  1. Reduce noise in surrounding areas near pump enclosure for patron enjoyment
  2. Reduce chance of pump motor failure due to loss of prime
  3. Reduce electrical consumption


We have installed two variable frequency intelliflo drive pumps to meet the objectives that we have set out in this project. First we installed a Variable Flow Intelliflo pump for filtration system. This pump has allowed us to adjust multiple flow rates for the pump so that it can run a vacuum cycle for predetermined times during the day and then running at a lower flower rate for the rest of the day to filter the pool water more cost effectively. This pump also has the ability to shut itself down should the Vacuum line become clogged and cause the pump to loose adequate flow rate. Secondly we installed a variable speed Intelliflo pump for the spillway operation. This allowed for greater energy savings and silent operation.


  1. Reduced noise to less than a whisper near patrons
  2. Decreased energy consumption by 74% ($1,588.00 per year @ .15kwh est.)
  3. Adjusted flow rate for best operating efficiency