Commercial Pool Intellipro Pump Installation


The objective of this project was to bring the commercial pool under compliance with local code require-ments. Currently the pool has a flow rate that exceeds allowable rates and will be shut down unless the flow rates can be brought into compliance.


  1. Bring the pool into compliance with local health code requirements
  2. Reduce energy consumption
  3. Reduce noise in surrounding areas near pump enclosure for patron enjoyment
  4. Lower operating temperatures in pum


We have installed two variable frequency drive pumps to meet the four objectives that we have set out in this project.


  1. Reduced noise to less than a whisper near patrons
  2. Lowered operating temperatures by 45 degrees farinheight on average
  3. Decreased energy consumption by 83 percent ($6,400.00 per year @ .15kwh est.)
  4. Adjusted pool to correct flow rate per code requirements avoiding shutdown

Project Photos

Photo 1: Operating Noise Before

Photo 2: Pump Temperature Before

Photo 3: Amp Consumption Before

Photo 4: Operating Noise After

Photo 5: Pump Temperature After

Photo 6: Amp Consumption After