SunTouch Controller & Goldline Chlorinator



The objective of this project was to install and easy to use automation system that would allow the client to change from pool to spa mode with the ability to turn on the heater and air blower without having to visit the equipment pad.


  1. Increase useability and functionality of the operating system
  2. Keep cost down vs more expensive automation options
  3. Simplicity in operation
  4. Durability in design


We chose to install a new Suntouch pool and spa control system with a Goldline Salt Chlorination System.  


  1. Simplified automation solution with optional wireless remote 
  2. Increased data available to customers through digital display box 
  3. Minimized cost vs more complex system choices 
  4. Allowed greater control of heater though temperature sensors in unit 
  5. Durability with high quality non corrosive plastic enclosure
  6. Improved Sanitation with the proven Goldline salt water chlorination system.

Project Photos


Control Panels


SunTouch Display