Easytouch Wireless System Upgrade



This project originally had three pumps with an old salt water chlorination system with a gas heater.  The system used one pump for the water feature function, one pump for a vacuum cleaner, and one pump for the filtration system.  All of this was controlled by manual time clocks with the owner having to visit the equipment pad to operate the heater functions.  The plumbing system was undersized at the equipment pad using 1.5" valves and piping along with excessive twists and turns creating more restriction in the pipe system than was necessary.


      1. Save electricity on pool operating cost
      2. Improve hydraulics of plumbing system
      3. Increase clarity and sanitary conditions of pool and spa
      4. Allow greater control of pool and spa control systems
      5. Organize Equipment pad in clean and accessible manner for service


          The solutions we used to solve the problems on this project were to first remove existing pumps and re-plumb the manifold with less fittings and straighter pipe runs through larger 2” plumbing lines and the correct valve sizes of 2”-2.5” inches for less restriction in the pipe.  We then installed a new Pentair variable speed pump to replace the three existing pumps with just one pump.  We then installed a Pentair Easytouch Automation system with a salt water chlorination system installed to control the operations of the the complete pool system. We also added a wireless remote for the system so the client can control the system from his home without having to run new wiring into the home at added expense.


              1. Decreased electrical consumption via use of just one pump
              2. Control of the system can be done via a remote control vs walking out to the equipment pad
              3. Reduced total dynamic head of plumbing system
              4. Automation allows for pump speed to be changed as needed
              5. Improved water quality conditions with new salt water chlorination system built into automation controls

                  Project Photos


                  Photo 1: Before


                  Photo 2: After