imPower Replacement Motor


Replace the existing pump with a more efficient, eco-friendly, durable motor.


  1. Reduce electrical consumption 
  2. Reduce noise on the equipment pad
  3. Reduce total dynamic head (resistance) in the operation of the pump system
  4. Meet requirements of House Bill 849 for the State of Florida Code


We removed the current 1.0 HP motor and replaced it with a new Marathon imPower Replacement motor. 


  1. Lowered operating noise
  2. Decreased Electrical consumption by 77% ($560.00 a year on this project based on .15Kwh)
  3. Low speed adjustability for maximum energy savings
  4. Ability to meet House Bill 849 requirements without replacing entire pump, adding a two speed relay or time clock

Project Photos


Photo 1: Hayward Super Pump Amp Draw


Photo 2: imPower High Speed Amp Draw


Photo 3: imPower Low Speed amp Draw