Hayward AquaRite Chlorinator Installation


The objective of this project was to install a salt chlorination system into the pool. This swimming pool has a Jandy automation system rather then a time clock so it required just a little more time and attention than a standard time clock installation. The AquaRite chlorinator gives you the option of hooking up the AquaRite power center via 4 control wires that allows the Jandy to control the output settings or standard installation to the load side of a time clock. If you have an older Jandy such as the one on this swimming pool you have to install the AquaRite power center to the load side of the pump relay inside the Jandy. If your Jandy system is a newer version you should be able to use the 4 wire connection to allow the Jandy to control the output settings. The Hayward AquaRite Chlorinator operates both ways just fine it just comes down to the software revisions of the automation system that determine which way to hook up control.

Project Photos


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