Thermal Flo Heat Pump Installation



The objective of this project was add a cost effective energy efficient heater to the pool.


  1. Install new heat pump that would not add noise to surrounding area
  2. Minimize the cost of heating pool
  3. Durability in design
  4. Ease of use


We chose to install a Pentair Thermal Flo heat pump for this particular residence.  We know that by choosing the Thermal Flo heat pump model the client has the ability to set  the heat pump to maintain the temperture of the pool despite having just a single time clock on the pool pump.  This particular Thermal flo heat pump has a built in option that allows the heat pump to override the pool time clock to ensure that the water is kept at temperature all hours of the day. 


  1. Pool can be heated as needed 24 hours per day 
  2. Cost to heat pool is minimal compared to a gas heater 
  3. No C02 or green house gases emitted from heating the pool 
  4. Built in digital controls for ease of use

Project Photos:


Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3