Raypak AHRI Heat Pump



The objective of this project was to replace the existing heat pump with a more efficient unit.  This project has a dated Jandy automation system that we had to hook up to control the heater.


  1. Increase heating efficiency
  2. Add AHRI certified unit for certified performance
  3. Durability in design
  4. Ease of use


We chose to install a Raypak by Rheem heat pump for this particular residence.  We know that by choosing the Raypak AHRI 1160 standard certified heat pump we will get the performance desired under AHRI 1160 standard certified testing along with simple control for the Jandy  automation system to control.


  1. System installs easily into Jandy automation system 
  2. Analog Controls for easy manual operation 
  3. No C02 or green house gases emitted from heating the pool 
  4. Durable powder coated cabinet 
  5. Rheem durabilty and longevity with a national repair network should it be needed

Project Photos:


Photo 1


Photo 2