Gulfstream Hi-5 Heat Pump Installation



The objective of this project was to decrease the cost of heating the swimming pool vs the existing gas heater as the sole choice.


  1. Integrate existing gas heater into a multi unit heating hybrid system
  2. Install new heat pump that would not add noise to surrounding area
  3. Decrease cost of heating pool
  4. Create a green alternative to reduce CO2 emissions
  5. Durability in design


We chose to install a new Gulfstream Hi-5 heat pump and reroute the plumbing to allow a hybrid heating system to work.  We know have the ability to use the heat pump for most efficient heating on a regular basis with the ability to use the gas when thier is a significant temperature drop that requires immediate heat. 


  1. Decreased overall heating expense 
  2. Flexability of heating choices based on weather conditions 
  3. Neglible increase in ambient noise from new heat pump with scroll compressor 
  4. Lowered C02 emissions into the atmosphere  
  5. 5 year warranty parts and labor warranty on unit chosen

Project Photos:


Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3