Hayward AquaRite Salt Chlorinator


This AquaRIte installation is typical for pools that have multiple pumps for pool filtration and water feature operation while using an automation system for pump control. This particular project followed the following basic steps.

First we gathered the three major components of the installation; which are the power control center, flow sensor, and chlorinator cell.  We preceded to hang the Hayward AquaRite power center on the adjacent wall to the equipment pad with four tapcon screws with flange heads to securely hold it in place.  Once this was completed we carefully installed power to the power center from the Jandy control system using the load side of the pump relay.  We accomplished this by using a 1/2” flexible conduit with a ground wire and two power leads for 220V power.  This electrical hookup prevents the chlorinator from running when the pump is off and not circulating water.  After this we installed the chlorinator cell into the return side of the plumbing after the heater.  We then installed a check valve after the return of the heater and before the chlorinator cell to prevent back flow of chlorine gas from entering the heater when the unit is off.  We then installed the flow switch before the heater and chlorinator cell in an area where the water flow will be as smooth as possible for proper flow readings.  Once all of these steps were completed the only thing left was to hook up the flow switch and chlorinator cell to the power center for operation.

This is just one example of how a AquaRite chlorinator cell is installed.  Some installations may vary and we have omitted some of the programming steps for Jandy operation and cell configuration.  These items can be found inside the installation manual of the products.

Project Photos


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