Gulfstream HE150 Heat Pump Installation



The objective of this project was to add a cost effective energy efficient heater to the pools operating system. The existing system included as gas heater and full automation controls for heating and all other pool operations.


  1. Install new heat pump that would not add noise to surrounding area
  2. Minimize the cost of heating pool and spa
  3. Durability in design
  4. Ease of use with automation system integration
  5. Flexibility in use of heating sources


We chose to install a Gulfstream HE150 heat pump for this particular residence. By doing this we were able to create a hybrid system that integrates with the automation system for the pool and spa creating the greatest flexibility in heating and control options. Since this project has both a pool and spa so we can take advantage of the speed of the gas heater and efficiency of the heat pump.


  1. We can heat the pool using the heat pump for maximum efficiency
  2. We can heat the spa with the gas heater for speed
  3. We can use a combination of both gas and heat pump for very cold conditions
  4. Reduced CO2 emissions

Project Photos


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