Acid Wash Cleaning Services

Many customers mistakingly believe the only way to improve the appearance of their swimming pool is to re-plaster the surface. Although resurfacing will make a swimming pool look “like new” again, it is also the most expensive method.

Overtime all swimming pools loose there surface luster from general wear and tear, metal stains, chemical stains, algae blooms, black algae, and other debris that enter the swimming pool. Acid washing is an alternative to resurfacing a swimming pool, spa, or water feature. Acid washing can remove many of the stains on a swimming pool surface giving it that “like new” appearance at a much lower cost. So before you think you have to resurface your pool, contact us to set up an appointment to see if we think an acid wash will work for you.

It just might save you thousands of dollars and extend the life of your swimming pool finish!

Example Photos


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Finished Pool